Hong Kong film legend Shu Qi (“Tai Chi Zero,” “Gorgeous,” “The Legend of the Fist: Return of Chen Zhen”).

Changing. Aleksandr Malin.

Wednesday night. Making a list of places to visit and languages to learn. Listening to rebroadcasted recordings of Pablo Neruda poetry readings. Wishing I were in New York, wishing it were 1966. Some things are better seen with closed eyes. Some things are felt most without touch. I hope the cause of my death the day it comes is due to some sweet tragedy such as that of drowning in the depths of my own heart. 赤ちゃんこれは一時的なもの.

I think those things are kind of what make up people individually and also you can then generally describe them as a whole. So, that’s kind of how I work on this project.                                     - Sufjan Stevens

I love you Sufjan Stevens.
most things in life.

Christina Troufa

Hayley Newman, Crying Glasses (An Aid to Melancholia), 1995.


‘really proud to share pendulum with you, tonight on the Zane Lowe show, radio one. one of my favourite songs on my record. photo taken by Paula Harrowing yesterday on the video set.’

queen ♡


DIIV - Doused

It breaks my heart to think you might have carried so much sadness when you were one to fill so many peoples lives with joy. you were poetry, you were beauty, you were romance, you were love, and you will be truly missed. stay gold, Robin Williams.  

screaming in pain